1.2.826.0.1089 - Net-Tel Computer Systems

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OID value: 1.2.826.0.1089

OID description:
NET-TEL is a vendor of X.400-based messaging products. They use a set of about 10 registered OIDs for most common word processor file types etc.

The OIDs known are:

Body Parts                              1.2.826.0.1089.1

Microsoft Word				1.2.826.0.1089.1.1
Microsoft Excel				1.2.826.0.1089.1.2
Wordperfect				1.2.826.0.1089.1.3
Lotus 1-2-3				1.2.826.0.1089.1.4
Adobe Acrobat PDF			1.2.826.0.1089.1.5
Microsoft Powerpoint			1.2.826.0.1089.1.6
Visio Desgner				1.2.826.0.1089.1.7
Q-One					1.2.826.0.1089.1.8
Marker bodypart for use in drafts	1.2.826.0.1089.1.100
sensitive cleartext			1.2.826.0.1089.1.101
pgp ciphertext				1.2.826.0.1089.1.102
pgp certificate				1.2.826.0.1089.1.103

URL for further info: http://www.net-tel.co.uk/

See also the OID Repository website reference for 1.2.826.0.1089

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