1.2.752.14 - Hans Davidson

Submitted by hans.d at home.se from host ( on Fri Dec 17 00:34:16 CET 2004 using a WWW entry form.

OID value: 1.2.752.14

OID description:
1.2.752.14 was given to me, Hans Davidson, by ber at sunet.su.se 1993-07-29 on my request. The tree starting at that point is still manayed by me, mostly for my private use, and I may also delegate (give away) parts of the tree to friends that want to have an OID subtree. My address is Hans Davidson Filipstadsbacken 20, 1 tr SE-123 43 FARSTA SWEDEN You will have my permission to publish my name (as I spell it) ! Please! Do not publish my email address ! ( I do not want you to give me a reason to install a SPAM filter. ) Please mail me, if you want me to urgently setup a web page for the subtree. Maybe a friend of mine is wanting me to set it up to point to a delegated part, so I may have to do it anyway. Thanks !

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