Harald Alvestrand's webstuff

This is a place to keep some stuff other people might find useful.

Most of the page is years old, but here's a completely new piece fo ryou:

Go to widgetsplus to get your own copy.

And another one:

The other stuff is completely boring: I am an old Internet user.
I first touched the Net in 1984, and wrote my first Web page somewhere like 1993.
Considering that the Web was a very new thing that year, you can consider me an early adopter. But it also means that this page links to some VERY old junk.

It is a collection of stuff written over the years - this website has been around for a LONG time, and junk has accumulated that even I have forgotten why I wrote. So not all of the stuff that has been here is even findable any more.

Some easy links:

The definition of "easy" is that I didn't have to think much before making them.

You may also want to look at my family.

Some things aren't here any more. Many years ago I used to yell at people who did stupid things; nowadays I can just point to places like Mail-Abuse (antispam) or RFC-Ignorant (gratuitous email misconfigurations) and grin. The world is getting ahead.

I have long since given up on maintaining history & current events; they just get too old too fast.

Sorry about that.

Security stuff

I think PGP is fun, even though it's unlikely to "win" - but I have a PGP key, and I'm not afraid to use it... and if you want to figure out why you should trust it, check the fun URL below....
your key id :

Fun stuff

Just for fun....can you see this version of my name?


A kickstarter link: CLANG. Embedded: