Speeches and presentations

Here's a few of the speeches and presentations I've done over the years. It's very far from complete.

A speech on patents and programming: "Freedom from fear" - given at a conference on "new approaches to intellectual property" in New York, USA, June 13, 2005

A speech on why open standards are good: "It's the users, stupid" - given at a meeting in Oxford, UK, 2003.

Some notes on "how did we get here" from January 2003.

A presentation on the end-to-end principle, given at the NORDUNET conference in Iceland, August 2003

A charset policy for the IETF, the speech from the Munich IETF plenary in August 1997 where UTF-8 was established as "the IETF charset"

If you know of a speech I've given where you want to see it again... drop me a line. It might turn up.