Request for variant subtag fr 16th-c 17th-c RESUBMISSION

CE Whitehead cewcathar at
Fri Jan 26 20:52:32 CET 2007

>But I hope it would be possible, given a French macrolanguage, to create 
>number of subtags, some of which might have the same meaning as fro or frm,
>but would have to be differently named.  Since the rules for subtag names
>are more flexible, we could have frx-ancien or frx-moyen . . .
>But as Doug said, we mustn't get too far ahead of ourselves, there is no
>certainty that we will get a French macrolanguage.
>Ciarán Ó Duibhín.

Possibly alas frx would be confusing after all given the existence of a 
regional subtag FX??

Type: region
Subtag: FX
Description: Metropolitan France
Added: 2005-10-16
Preferred-Value: FR
Deprecated: 1997-07-14

But this is sort of ahead of ourselves.

--C. E. Whitehead
cewcathar at

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