RE: Mississippi Hißes

Alexander Mayrhofer alexander.mayrhofer at
Fri Dec 18 11:30:55 CET 2009


> these are good operational points. Ultimately, I think your line of  
> reasoning leads us to recognize that if we make previously mapped  
> characters PVALID, we must think of their use in registrations as  
> functionally independent. If registrant wants them to exhibit the  
> earlier mapped effect, the registrant will need to make their  
> independent resolution achieve this equivalence for him. This 
> suggests  
> to me that the registration process and the resolution 
> process should  
> be seen as very distinct. While we might adopt rules that operate  
> during registration to give the effect of "bundling" (essentially  
> assuring the registrant of getting all bundled forms), once this  
> registration occurs, it is up to the registrant to manage the set of  
> associated domain names to achieve equivalence, if that is desired.

Right. Plus, the decision on how to handle the transition phase in the registration phase must be left to the respective registry. Registries are the organizations who have the best contact to their local customer base, constituency and registrars - and i don't think that a "one size fits all" policy is possible here, not even for the singular case of the "ss/ß" transition.


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