Consensus Call on Latin Sharp S and Greek Final Sigma

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Fri Dec 4 03:07:15 CET 2009

Since Rod Beckstrom announced the Internet has changed :

- Elisabeth says ICANN wants to delay gTLDs, to delay IDNgTLDs, to keep them
as a pressure on ccTLDs for" Fast Track"
- "MY TRACK" starts testing : "run interplus and IDNAPLUS by yourself, free
from ICANN, IETF and Google".
- Lisa gives ICANN an alibi to delay IDNgTLDs in questionning and delaying
IDNA2008 : a test is needed. Hence with IDNccTLDs
- Andrew Sullivan introduces the progressive transition speed DNS
- Jefsey sends a mail saying that Michael Everson is perfectly right !!!
- Vint Cerf starts "Google Track"
- Elisabeth says she switched to Interplus concepts under BIND and she feel
free, free, free and fast out of anyone's control.

Gee ! This is an hectic life!

What's next ?


2009/12/3 Elisabeth Blanconil <eblanconil at>

> hi! Folks,
> I roughly understand that all this is to keep this WG buzy for another year
> on IDNA, in destroying every agreement we painfully found. The target is to
> give some delays to ICANNN. So they can register new gTLDs but no IDNgTLD
> before every ccTLD has signed a contract with ICANN. It sounds reasonable
> and I am glad many participate.
> To obtain it; it was just enough to restart again the boring issues. This
> is why I am surprised nobody thought to discuss TATWEEL yet. What is the
> technical difference between TATWELL's disputed consensus case and the
> eszett and the greek final sigma cases? Also what about French majuscules
> and other issues that we have started the list.
> Best
> Elisabeth Blanconil
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