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Peter Dambier peter at peter-dambier.de
Wed Dec 2 01:16:05 CET 2009

Shawn Steele wrote:
>> I just come from reading that the IE variety of browsers is only number 2, 
>> in europe at least. 
> Not sure where you get your statistics :) 

Most likely


Sorry it's german only.

>> I am sure the Firefoxes, number 1 in europe, not to mention Iceweasels 
>> and Operas will update very fast
> Hmm, for some reason people ask me for computer help when it acts up, and most of the friends/acquaintances machines' s I've seen with FF don't seem to update it very often :(
> -Shawn

I am afraid you are right.

I had a look and it told me, it is Gnu Libidna that needs updating.
I could find it for all kinds of unix only and I could find the
maintainers promise for an update after the update of the rfc's.

I did not find where to get the windows version of Gnu Libidna.

I could find a test page where you can try if it makes sense to update:


And a test server linking to the Libidna project



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