appeal mechanisms was Re: Ombuds-process

Keith Moore moore at
Mon Jun 30 13:03:20 CEST 2003

>     If circumstances warrant, the IAB may direct that an IESG decision
>     be annulled, and the situation shall then be as it was before the
>     IESG decision was taken. The IAB may also recommend an action to
>     the IESG, or make such other recommendations as it deems fit. The
>     IAB may not, however, pre-empt the role of the IESG by issuing a
>     decision which only the IESG is empowered to make."
> So, the IAB may recommend an action to the IESG, but it can't force
> the publication of an RFC.

I think this is mostly as it should be, and at the moment I'm at a loss
to see how to improve it.

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