appeal mechanisms was Re: Ombuds-process

Keith Moore moore at
Mon Jun 30 02:00:17 CEST 2003

] yes, i personally do believe that the appeals process that currently 
] exists imposes too much burden for many, though not all, appellants.

okay, I got that.

] i also believe that a process that uses the same channel for appeals
] as might be the object of the appeal, is flawed. 

mumble.  I find it hard to imagine that if the appeal is about someone on
IESG, for instance, that that AD would not recuse himself.  but it wouldn't
bother me if the process were changed to make that explicit.

] and i believe that a process on paper is not the same as
] a mechanism that aids the appellants.

well, since everything we do is "on paper" (or "on bits") I guess I wonder
what kind of mechanism you have in mind.

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