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On fredag, jun 27, 2003, at 09:28 Asia/Seoul, Hallam-Baker, Phillip 
> PS: If you think that the appeals process is not equally broken
> then why not prove me wrong by making the appeal yourself?

this brings up the problem that has appeared more in its guise
as a solution on this list.

the IETF has no ombuds-process (leaving aside whether it is
and individual or a group that implements it)

what i mean is that in cases where, for whatever reason:

    - language barrier
    - fear of being ostracized
    - belief in the process itself being valid
    - ability to do all the work involved
    - whatever

an individual does not take advantage of the process,
there is no other recourse.  it can be argued that the
nature of the process make it too difficult a barrier  for
many to overcome,  sure, in the outside world,  we can
all be our own lawyers, but how many of us are really
qualified for such a role.  i think the same logic may
apply in the IETF - how many of us are qualified to
represent ourselves in the appeals process.
and the lack of some entity that one can go to so and
say 'help me, please' seems to me a problem.

so the problem may be:

There is no independent body in the IETF responsible for
helping individuals who have process issues that may need

(i assume body can mean open body, i.e. person, or several
people in a group - that is a solution detail)

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