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I do have an item on my "to do" list to take this up with the IAB.

I will observe that there are at least 3 different theories
at play:

	. the community wants to know what companies are supporting
	  the people on the iab/iesg

	. the employers (for those of us fortunate enough to have them) of 
	  the people on the iab/iesg would like some recognition of the fact 
	  they are contributing employee resources

	. we are all contributing as individuals (still)

It's the latter point that has caused IAB members *not* to be introduced
with affiliations at plenaries, and the affiliations not to be posted
on the IAB web page.

A couple or few years ago, I suggested it would be helpful to have
brief statement (or web page) about/from each IAB member, linked
off the IAB member listing page, so that people could have a clue what areas
of interest/expertise the various IAB members have.  It strikes
me that would be an appropriate place to list affiliations.

You can see how well the idea flew the last time I proposed it.

I do have an item on my "to do" list to take this up with the IAB.


Bob Hinden wrote:
> Harald,
> I note that the IESG page now lists the 
> affiliation of the IESG members and liaisons.
> Thanks for making this happen.
> Bob
> p.s. The equivalent IAB page still needs some work.


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