ISSUE: Meeting scheduling

Dave Crocker dcrocker at
Tue Jun 24 09:15:21 CEST 2003


JCK>     Lead times like that
JCK> permit other organizations to work around our schedules, and a
JCK> number of other useful varieties of advanced planning. ...
JCK>  we end up with important conflicts,
JCK> people missing either our meetings or other important ones,
JCK> This impresses me as unhealthy and unprofessional.

The current approach to scheduling and meeting fee only suit
participants who come for the whole week, who have major travel funding
-- with little concern for air fair or hotel rates -- and who view the
IETF meeting week as the dominant aspect of their schedule.

Hence, the current approach is pretty exclusionary.

Notably, the current diversity of IETF work means that we need to make
it easier for folks who are coming for a particular working group, or
two, rather than presuming that they are here for the week.

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