MAJOR ISSUE: "Concentration of power"

Scott W Brim swb at
Thu Jun 19 21:50:58 CEST 2003

On Fri, Jun 20, 2003 09:26:17AM +0900, avri allegedly wrote:
> My perception, so far, has been that those within the trust networks
> see them as trust networks, while those who are not in trust
> networks tend to see them as a class, for some definition of class.
> My perception may be wrong,  and that is why I am asking for more
> people to speak on this theme.
> Also it is possible, that it is just a semantic issue, and that 'trust
> network'  is a gentler more acceptable term then 'class'.

"class" is intentionally polarizing, fissiparous rhetoric.  What's the
real problem?  What are the qualities that distinguish the classes?  If
it's trust, then say trust.  In any case, get to the distinction, skip
the labeling.

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