ISSUE: Do not agree with "formal recognition" section

Harald Tveit Alvestrand harald at
Thu Jun 19 10:37:21 CEST 2003

In -issue- section 2.5.4, I read:

2.5.4 Lack of Formal Recognition outside IESG and IAB

   The small number of formally recognized 'preferred' positions within
   the IETF, also limits the (intangible) rewards for participants.
   This can lead to useful and effective participants leaving because
   they cannot obtain any recognition (the only currency the IETF has to
   pay participants), which they use to fuel their own enthusiasm and
   help justify their continued attendance at IETF meetings to cost
   constrained employers.

ISSUE: This section does not mention the recognition of authorship, 
directorate membership or being a WG chair. Nor does it recognize "thank 
you" sections. It is also probably not at all healthy for the IETF if one 
were to hand out positions of authority as rewards for good conduct.

SUGGESTED RESOLUTION: Move the section out of 2.5. Drop "outside IESG and 
IAB" from title.
Change the first sentence to "Beyond RFC authorship, WG chair positions, 
Directorate positions or IESG and IAB membership positions, the IETF does 
not offer formal recognition of contributions to the IETF."
Add a last sentence saying "Note: Using leadership positions as rewards for 
good work would probably be damaging to the IETF. This paragraph is meant 
to indicate the need for other types of rewards."

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