ISSUE: Misrepresentation of application focus

Harald Tveit Alvestrand harald at
Mon Jun 16 13:34:51 CEST 2003

-issue- section 2.3 states:

   The IETF has historically standardized protocol components rather
   than complete systems but the current greater emphasis on work in the
   Applications area tends to require more engineering in the large.

ISSUE: The "current greater emphasis" on applications is probably false.

SUGGESTED RESOLUTION: Change text to "but as we have learned more about the 
ways in which systems on the Internet interact, design of components needs 
to take into account more and more external restraints, and the 
understanding of these restraints tends to require more engineering in the 

Background: Having watched the applications area pretty carefully over many 
years, I would say that at the moment, the IETF places a good deal less 
emphasis on the applications area than it did 3 years ago - mostly because 
the people doing applications place less emphasis on the IETF; they've gone 

This may be good or this may be bad (I personally think it's bad, but your 
mileage may vary) - but I think the document should be corrected on this 

I agree with the statement that we've tended to need more engineering in 
the large, but I don't think it's correct to "blame" Applications for it.

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