ISSUE: Timeframes shold be focused on IETF purposes, not markets

Dave Crocker dcrocker at
Wed Jun 11 08:25:41 CEST 2003


The existing text is intended to precisely highlight the IETF's tendency
to ignore its customers.

Your suggested change eliminates that point entirely.

While one might develop a logic chain that puts it back, one can easily
instead develop a logic chain that says that the timeframe can whatever
any particular IETF participant believes it should be. Hence, the direct
reference to the needs of the market is the key point in this problem


HTA>    The frequent inability of the IETF to deliver specifications within
HTA>    the timeframe that the markets need and the excessive perfectionism
HTA>    that is exhibited in some cases could both be improved if appropriate
HTA>    Engineering Practices were in use.

HTA> ISSUE: This sentence presupposes that the "timeframe the markets need" and
HTA> the "appropriate quality" are relatively quantifiable quantities. I think
HTA> they aren't.
HTA> SUGGESTED RESOLUTION: Replace "the timeframe that the markets need" with
HTA> "the timeframe in which IETF particpants think they are needed to further
HTA> the mission of the IETF".

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