The need for smaller protocol specifications

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Tue Jun 10 14:42:09 CEST 2003


>> -- The IESG has tended to approve ...

RB> note that this kind of phrasing is part of the polarization game.

actually, challenging it in this way has more to do with polarization
than does the original statement.

how is it possible to sustain constructive discussion about perceptions
and problems if people are not able to state their perceptions in a
simple and direct fashion?

There is nothing rude or even challenging in the tone of the original
language. Whether it is correct is independent of whether it is
reasonable to make such a statement.

If anyone offering their understanding of the situation, who
happens to include in that statement some assertion about the iesg, is
going to be treated to such a challenge -- particular from an AD -- then
we are faced with what can only be classed as a hostile work

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