Two document stages: Proposed and Full

Charles E. Perkins charliep at
Tue Jun 10 12:43:59 CEST 2003

Hello folks,

I think this has been suggested before.  I'd like to
suggest it again.  Maybe we can get some mileage out of
having two stages of standardization:

Proposed Standard: requires working group approval.  IESG comments
	taken into account, but full IESG approval not needed before
	publication.  Interoperability testing completed, no known
	flaws that present danger to the Internet.  Component protocols
	are O.K., as long as applicability (usefulness) is documented.

Full Standard: Full IESG approval required, according to current
	procedures.  Component protocols published as part of
	document suites, or separately, according to IESG discretion.

Since the IESG still controls charters and chair selection, one may
presume that generally sensible people will be involved.  In this
model, for instance, a working group might publish a component
protocol, and another working group with more relevant expertise
might publish another associated component protocol that could fit
together into a larger system.

Maybe this is too much "solution space" -- if so, I'll try to
bring it up whenever I can find that forum.  It's gotta be
around here somewhere.

Charlie P.

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