Staying on Track (Re: Documenting pilots (RE: pausableexplanation for the Document Series))

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Sun Jun 8 00:12:25 CEST 2003

I think what is documented and accurate and now just needs refinement.

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> > Are people happy enough with those documents that we're
> > ready to publish them and move on?  If so, let's do
> > that. If not, please send feedback on the documents to
> > this list, and keep solutions discussions on the solutions mailing 
> > list.
> I'm also very concerned about keeping the documents moving 
> forward, but I do think that the notion of what we need to do 
> about short-term solution efforts that would be hampered by 
> the overhead associated with working group creation do need 
> to be addressed and I think some interesting ideas have been 
> popping out of the discussion.
> One of the problems with the discussion, however, is that we 
> still don't have a way to accommodate ad-hoc, short-lived, 
> individual voluntary, or what-have-you efforts, and that does 
> need to be dealt with.  Personally (i.e. not as chair) I'm 
> not crazy about things like what's going on with the SIRS 
> proposal (going off and collecting volunteers without real 
> agreement from the cohort that this is a good thing to
> do) because it feels pre-emptive and unco-operative, but on
> the other hand given our decision-making structure I'm not
> sure what the alternatives are if anything is going to
> happen in real time.  If anybody has wisdom about how to do 
> short-term efforts within the IETF, this would be an 
> excellent time to discuss it.
> Melinda

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