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Bound, Jim Jim.Bound at
Sun Jun 8 00:07:04 CEST 2003

> In real world, people implement the protocols for pilot/test 
> purposes in 
> any case.  This can be done when the I-D has reached 
> reasonable level of 
> stability.

I am sorry but this is no longer true for most specs except by the
original proponents. The IETF has burned all with the high bar on PS and
most of us "product" engineers won't touch it until it is PS.  Unless we
see consortia out of the IETF to help us move it forward as a group of
vendors.  FYI that is what is happening and will happen with IPv6
Transition mechanisms as a note as one example.

So your thought is old and does not apply.  Not good argument to John
and invalid now.

It used to be true yes. 

> Of course, we could try to add some "experimental" category 
> below PS, to 
> try to document these pilot protocols -- but this is slightly 
> problematic 
> also, as we have to make sure people understand that if protocol is 
> modified for PS, no backward-compatibility must be required..

No this will not work.  Go back to Bob Hinden phrase as priniciple.
Avoiding that principle is just hiding the problem and not facing it
right here and right now.

Someone here will loose and someone here will win.  I hope you loose of


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