Discipline of Internet Protocol Engineering

Bound, Jim Jim.Bound at hp.com
Sat Jun 7 23:50:52 CEST 2003

Not only that but be proud and excited about being and doing the
management instead being an architect for the Internet which the IETF is
not regardless. Again its the mission.

The one thing in our spec that needs more work:

Is the discussion of core values.  

Should we call it something else?


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> >Properly designed milestones will, at least, set the stage 
> for exactly 
> >that kind of thinking.  Or perhaps the way to talk about 
> this is that 
> >you are calling for the intermediate milestones that will 
> achieve the 
> >ones in the charter.
> >
> >Egad. As you note, this starts sounding like classic project 
> >management.
> >
> >What a thought.
> Worse still, we might even want people in the IESG with some real 
> management experience.
> Bob

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