IETF mission (RE: pausable explanation for the Document Series)

john.loughney at john.loughney at
Fri Jun 6 16:19:10 CEST 2003

Hi Brian,

> In any case, since we don't actually use the complexity we
> already have (3 grades of standard), the need is clearly to
> *simplify* the document scheme, not to complicate it. My thinking
> is getting more radical the longer this discussion continues. Let's
> think seriously about
>  Problem: the 3 step standards track is largely fictional
> and possible solutions along the lines of
>  Solution: let's scrap it and have all "standards" RFCs as a single level
>  (with recycling in grade for corrections/updates).

Actually, if we coupled this with Harald's "maintenance team"
idea, it may actually work.  I think we would need to have some
'object' that tracks bugs in a spec (hmm, issue tracking software
might be nice) and the resolution, etc.  A nice, simple interface
that would pull all of this together could be really useful.


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