pausable explanation for the Document Series

Bob Hinden hinden at
Thu Jun 5 18:32:30 CEST 2003


>The more-core problem is industry running on protocols with design flaws 
>and protocol bugs, which cannot be fixed because of the installed base.
>If PS was perfect, this would not be a serious problem. But it isn't so.

First versions of anything are never perfect.  This is true for products 
and standards.  As long as we try to solve the problem by trying to make 
the first version perfect we will fail.  It only delays the first version 
and causes it to miss the market need.  The only solution I know of is to 
do new versions.  This seems to work well in industry.

Perfection doesn't work.  Shipping products and getting bug reports works.


p.s. Bug reports are also a good way to measure real usage.

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