Trusting the IESG to manage the reform process (was:Re:Doingt he Right Things?)

Wijnen, Bert (Bert) bwijnen at
Wed Jun 4 16:23:44 CEST 2003

> > 
> > Absent specific proposals, we cannot know whether the cited problem of a
> > bottleneck requires us "to change the way we make decisions" or more
> > simply requires that we do divide-and-conquer with existing tasks and
> > responsibilities.
> > 
> > If the latter suffices, then in fact we continue to make decisions in
> > the same way. We simply target different types of decisions to
> > different groups.
> ...or simply give the existing decision-taking group better input to
> work with, such as fully reviewed and nit-free documents.

>    Brian

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