Trusting the IESG to manage the reform process (was: Re:Doingthe Right Things?)

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HTA> 2.5.1 Span of Authority
HTA>    Overt authority in the IETF is concentrated in the small number of
HTA>    people sitting on the IESG at that time. Existing IETF processes work
HTA>    to funnel tasks on to this small number of people (primarily the Area
HTA>    Directors (ADs) in the IESG).  This concentration slows up the
HTA>    process and puts a very large load of responsibility on to the
HTA> cannot be solved by making small changes to the IETF and IESG procedures;
HTA> we need to change the way we make decisions, which is a BIG change.

You have made similar statements a number of times. What do you have in

The Kobe change to IETF organization was actually quite small.
Strategic. Essential. But small. In fact, for all intents and purposes,
it did not change the procedures for working groups at all. It simply
moved the final authority over standardization from one existing group
to another. (There were some important additional changes, but they were
not related to operational decision-making for daily IETF work.)

Absent specific proposals, we cannot know whether the cited problem of a
bottleneck requires us "to change the way we make decisions" or more
simply requires that we do divide-and-conquer with existing tasks and

If the latter suffices, then in fact we continue to make decisions in
the same way. We simply target different types of decisions to
different groups.

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