New ways to do things (Re: Doing the Right Things?)

Keith Moore moore at
Wed Jun 4 00:33:03 CEST 2003

> KM> 3. We need to see if there are specific kinds of areas or activities
> KM> that we need to engage in, for which our WG processes don't work well.
> 1. We do have some other mechanisms. IAB retreats and individual
> submissions are two examples. And though we often make humorous,
> dismissive reference to them, I believe Bar BOFs are a real and very
> productive part of our repertoire.


> 2. Absent specific suggestions, the basic claim that we ought to have
> different formal categories of groups sounds entirely reasonable.
> However practical alternatives are not obvious, to me at least. That is,
> I do not understand what functional differences are needed, to produce
> better results. 

Nor do I, and I'd have to think about it for several hours before I could
even make a strawman proposal.   For now I merely wanted to suggest this as a
topic for study by the solution WG.

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