New ways to do things (Re: Doing the Right Things?)

Basavaraj.Patil at Basavaraj.Patil at
Mon Jun 2 15:20:33 CEST 2003

> The two existing choices for group activities in the IETF
> are:
>          - Directorates
>          - Working Groups

Directorates have generally been restricted and do not have
the same degree of open participation as a WG does. So the
directorate mechanism does not work.

WGs are a better means for discussion. However it is also
possible that an area can have an area wide meeting as is
done at IETF meetings. So it is possible to have a general
area meetiing with the specific topic of process problems
or solution proposal discussions without necessarily having
to create a WG.

> Opinions are welcome.
> Margaret

My 0.02C


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