New ways to do things (Re: Doing the Right Things?)

Spencer Dawkins spencer at
Mon Jun 2 15:10:12 CEST 2003

Apparently this week, I'll be agreeing with Margaret...

I'm not sure we're really set up to have official meetings that
AREN'T either WGs or BoFs at an IETF. We know how to
have official WG meetings and unofficial directorate meetings,
so if we're shooting for visibility and wide community input,
we either need a BoF or a structural change that allows for
"something else"...


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From: "Margaret Wasserman" <mrw at>
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Subject: Re: New ways to do things (Re: Doing the Right Things?)\

The two existing choices for group activities in the IETF
         - Directorates
         - Working Groups

I suppose that we could have an internal education directorate,
but that wouldn't help to make our efforts more visible and/or
allow for wide community input.

So, maybe we need a WG?  It would be a weird WG, but a WG
seems preferable to continuing to conduct this effort in
a back-room effort...

Anyway, we'll have a BOF in Vienna, and one of the things
that we'll be discussing is how this effort should be
organized and run on an ongoing basis.

Opinions are welcome.


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