Doing the Right Things?

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Mon Jun 2 10:28:33 CEST 2003

Dear Melinda,

I might suggest backing up one more step, and cataloging the reasons we need
to do a small chunk of work in the IETF. My cotribution is

- relatively minor updates to an existing protocol

I'm a TSV guy, mostly, and there's ongoing TSV work on TCP mechanisms for
spurious timeout detection and recovery, for instance. Most of it gets done
in TSVWG, which was created specifically as a catch-all for small chunks of
work in TSV.

What are the "small chunk" needs of other communities?


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> I'm concerned that we may be wandering a bit far into
> solutions.  Part of the problem reflects a broader IETF
> problem with getting things done in a timely way; that
> spinning off a new effort to identify short-term changes may
> simply take too long.  It may be worth talking specifically
> about how a short-term effort can be initiated without all
> the overhead associated with wg creation, etc.
> Melinda

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