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Harald Tveit Alvestrand harald at alvestrand.no
Mon Jun 2 16:03:35 CEST 2003


the mechanical things can be done, with just a Small Matter of 
the trick is to figure out which ones actually help....

--On mandag, juni 02, 2003 15:45:38 +0300 john.loughney at nokia.com wrote:

> It would be great, for example, if
>  a) WGs that were more than 6 months late on one of their deliverables
> where      sent montly reminders of the fact until either the deliverable
> was completed      or charter was updated.

currently we're going for bimonthly reminders to chairs on all overdue 
I'm not sure how much that helps in the long run, but it's a start...

>  b) If the Draft-tracker had a time out, so that any document sitting in
> a certain       state for too long (say 4 months) generated a mail to the
> mailing list, document     editor(s)/author(s), sheparding AD about the
> status.

well.... state "RFC Published" and "dead" are quite OK for a document to 
stay in, of course; "AD is watching" is doubtful (could change if/when the 
system is extended to do WG tracking) - otherwise, it would seem to make 

>  c) if the draft-tracker would send mail to a WG, author(s)/editor(s)
> everytime a     document changed state

Already on the wishlist. I don't think the whole WG wants *all* the state 
changes, so the WG chairs could act as a filter.....

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