Doing the Right Things?

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Sun Jun 1 13:46:59 CEST 2003

I need more time to think about this.  I think Keith raised good issues.
I think we are missing something but I am not sure right now how to put
it.  But I agree we need to do soemthing.

Are we in that mode now?

I think the bar for PS is to HIGH as one input that keeps going thru my
mind, but that might be fixed with what Keith suggested.  I need most of
this week before I can respond with real thought and contemplation.  I
assume that is ok with the chairs.  Lets not rush this one, but get it
done in timely manner too.


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> Subject: Doing the Right Things?
> Hi All,
> I have a concern about the type of discussions that we've
> been having regarding the process document, so far...
> The discussion has focused quite heavily on who should
> manage the improvement processes and very little on what
> those improvement processes should be.
> The process document currently recommends four separate, 
> parallel near-term efforts and a longer-term effort, as
> follows:
>     Near-Term:
>        (1) Form a WG intended to improve the quality,
> 		timeliness and predictability of IETF
> 		WG output, by improving our quality and
> 		review processes.
> 	(2) Continue and expand our ongoing educational
> 		efforts for WG chairs and participants,
> 		including the addition of education for
> 		editors.  A BOF request for Vienna has
> 		already been circulated regarding this
> 		work.
> 	(3) Encourage grass-roots efforts to deploy
> 		tools for voluntary use by WGs and
> 		IETF participants, particularly for
> 		issue tracking and document sharing.
> 	(4) Continue efforts to promote communication
> 		between WG chairs.  This section is very
> 		weak, and additional suggestions would
> 		be appreciated.
> 	Longer-Term:
> 	(5) Form an IETF Improvement WG that will
> 		undertake a two phase process:
> 		- Understand the mission, values and
> 		  goals of the IETF, and develop metrics
> 		  to measure and evaluate our current
> 		  performance.
> 		- Make changes the organizational
> 		  structure of the IETF and/or our
> 		  standards-track processes to
> 		  improve the efficiency and
> 		  scalability of the IETF.
> So, regardless of exactly _how_ we organize to do these
> things and/or _who_ does them...  Do people think that
> these are the right things to do?
> Margaret

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