Frameworks for analysis: quality control and resource availability

Harald Tveit Alvestrand harald at
Thu Jan 30 10:49:09 CET 2003

--On 29. januar 2003 11:48 +0100 Brian E Carpenter <brian at> 

> I would add 2 more things we need to measure, if possible.
> * Delay between WG Last Call and forwarding of draft to AD
> * Delay between forwarding of draft to AD and IETF Last Call

suggestion for volunteer effort:

we should have enough people on problem-statement that between us, we have 
a fair number of experiences with the process.
if one person volunteers to keep a list, people could send him/her case 
histories with the dates (and version numbers) of:

- WG Last Call sent
- WG forwards draft to AD
- IETF Last Call
- Document approval

Like John, I'm somewhat skeptical that contemplation of statistics will 
give us the qualitative understanding we need - but the people who think 
that it would should be encouraged to demonstrate the point!

I think we should be able to collect enough data from the list to figure 
out whether those data would be meaningful or not - until we have a hint 
that they would be meaningful, I would not ask the secretariat or the ADs 
to use time collecting data rather than clearing their backlogs.....


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