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Pekka Savola pekkas at netcore.fi
Wed Jan 15 08:38:48 CET 2003


On Tue, 14 Jan 2003 john.loughney at nokia.com wrote:
> > My assumption is that this is a temporary dip due to the
> > economic situation. But of course it's possible that it's
> > permanent - only time will tell. In any case, even with
> > 1500 people, we have a lot of observers in many sessions, so
> > the issue is not completely historical.
> Isn't this true in most discussions - a few people will do 
> most of the talking?  I've noticed in my WG that I do know
> many of the silent folk - many prefer to talk one-on-one
> and not hog the mic.  This is a good feature, not a bug,
> in my opinion.

I agree here.  My observation is that there are some folks who seem to be 
rather fond of their own voice, or the mic seems like a natural medium for 
them to voice their opinions (better raised on the lists, etc.).

My gut feeling is that in a meeting which has some general interest to
most and is likely understandable (like idr, ipv6, v6ops, ...), the room
is always full, no matter how big.  Folks who are on the mailing list are
probably around 100-150, at most.  Folks who have written on the list more
than once are probably around 50-70.  Folks who are active in discussions
are around 20-30.

That's the way it is.. I don't see that as bad at all .. unless we run to 
meeting room allocation problems, hotel overloads, or something else.

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