IESG Charter and Procedures drafts

Harald Tveit Alvestrand harald at
Mon Jan 13 10:57:04 CET 2003

Hi folks,

I have now published the two documents:


I think those two drafts together cover the ground of what needs to be said 
about how the IESG works; they are not intended (at this stage) to show any 
change to how the IESG works.
Especially note what's in the -procedures- draft about how this is *not* 
intended to go out as an RFC; comments on that are welcome.

I intend to ask for the charter to be published as a BCP, probably before 
the March IETF meeting, unless I hear strenous objections that this charter 
does not document appropriately what the IESG has thought that it has been 
doing for the last 5 years.

I have said in the drafts that comments should go to the poised list.

Comments are VERY welcome - especially pointing out areas of IETF activity 
that people think should be covered, and aren't!


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