IETF Problem WG Charter Discussion

Harald Tveit Alvestrand harald at
Wed Jan 8 14:30:59 CET 2003

--On onsdag, januar 08, 2003 15:06:30 +0200 john.loughney at wrote:

> Hi Avri,
>> How about Re-charter or Disband WG.  I don't want to presuppose
>> the contents of the process recommendation.
> I thought that we are working on the definting the problem, not
> the process recomendation.  I think we need to clearly scope that
> this working group is for documenting the problems only.  I have
> already been unhappy that many people on the list are developing
> solution before there is any common understanding of the problem.
> Working groups who work on solutions before defining the problems
> that they are trying to solve often run into problems.

well - SOMEONE has to develop the "how do we move forward" recommendation.
My first thought was that this should be a separate activity from the 
problem-statement work, but after getting some feedback, I thought that 
this was better done by the same group as the problem-statement work; 
there's a limit to how many open fora we can discuss the same set of issues 
in simultaneously without getting hopelessly confused.

On "how to move forward", I'm thinking of things like:

- Appoint a blue-ribbon panel to make changes to 2026 and friends
- Charter another WG that can go on making process changes
- Entrust the existing bodies to change their own procedures
- Don't do anything, everything's already perfect :-)

As the charter says - not decisions on what to do, but recommendations on 
how to get those decisions made.


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