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Could you add an item to the milestones?  That item would be disband WG or
something like that.


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> Subject: IETF Problem WG Charter Discussion
> Hi,
> Melinda and I have made a few tweaks to the proposed charter and
> would like to bring the group into the discussion on the charter.
> We would like to have discussion on the charter conclude in the
> next 2 weeks so that it can be submitted for approval.
> I.e. we should complete this discussion by 21 Jan.
> We are also in the process of getting ourselves organized and
> will be sending out some more admistrativia in a bit.  One thing
> we are currently looking into is a way to capture the issues
> that have been discussed so far so that we can work from where we
> are in an organized manner.
> More info to follow shortly on that and other details.
> We are also discussing the formation of an editorial
> group to work with the, as of yet unrecruited, document editors.
> Details to follow.
> Thanks
> a.
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> Avri Doria
> co-chair
> Problem Statement (problem)
> Chair(s):
> Melinda Shore <mshore at>
> Avri Doria <avri at>
> General Area Director(s):
> Harald Tveit Alvestrand <harald at>
> General Area Advisor:
> Harald Tveit Alvestrand <harald at>
> Mailing List:
> General Discussion:  problem-statement at
> To Subscribe:        mail to problem-statement-request at
> Archive:             
> Description of Working Group:
> Discussions over the last couple of months have revealed a
> significant number of thoughts about problems that exist with
> the way the IETF operates.  In advance of trying to change the
> IETF procedures and rules to deal with these problems, the IETF
> should have a clear, agreed upon description of what problems
> we are trying to solve.
> This group is charged with producing the document describing
> those problems.
> The intent is that the group will discuss issues on its mailing
> list, and that there will be an editing team to produce a clear,
> concise problem statement that the group can have consensus on,
> and present to the IETF as a basis for an IETF consensus.
> As a second work item, the group will also produce a proposal
> for a process to develop solutions to the problems identified
> by this working group.
> It is not a part of this group's charter to propose solutions
> to the problems.
> The work items will be reviewed in plenary at the IETF.
> Goals and Milestones:
> Jan 03 Group formed
> Feb 03 First I-D of problem statement issued
> Mar 03 Problem statement reviewed at the IETF Plenary
> Mar 03 First I-D of process proposal issued
> May 03 Problem statement submitted for IESG review
> Jul 03 Process proposal reviewed at the IETF Plenary
> Aug 03 Process proposal submitted for IESG review

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