Complex topics (RE: Formalizing Design Teams) (fwd)

Carsten Bormann cabo at
Mon Jan 6 00:42:28 CET 2003

> IPv6 is a long way from demonstrating success. IPsec is claimed by 
> some to
> be a success, but my impression is that its market penetration is 
> pretty
> small. And neither were delivered in a very timely fashion.


the *problem* (note the name of this mailing list) is that they took 
too long, not that they exist.

They are still solving real problems and are generally accepted to be 
the highest quality, long-term solutions in their domain.
(Both domains are really hard, and nobody expected overnight success.  
Still, it took longer than we like.  For best market penetration, we 
should have had both in 1994.  You know that was impossible.)

The problem is not how to most effectively prevent doing such efforts, 
but how to do them right.
In the IETF, that is, but not necessarily exactly the same IETF we have 

Gruesse, Carsten

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