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Tue Feb 25 13:33:28 CET 2003

On Tuesday, Feb 25, 2003, at 12:42 America/Montreal, Dave Crocker wrote:
> a) We should make much more liberal use of Experimental.  It gets the
> specification out the door, but carries a label that is extremely
> unambiguous.
> b) We should compress DS and FS into one.
> c) I believe we should NOT change the formal requirements for PS; they
> really strike quite a good balance.
> d) However we should stop trying to stuff everything, INCLUDING the
> kitchen sink, in a PS effort, especially for an entirely new service;
> and we should stop nit-picking PS details.

I agree with all 4 bullet points quoted above.  If/when RFC-2026 gets
edited, I'd like to see all 4 of those items reflected in the 
new version.

I believe that there needs to be demonstrated interoperability
to advance beyond Proposed Standard (to whatever DS+FS merged look 
(Dave Crocker did not say this last bit explicitly, but I'll bet
that he agrees with it.)

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