Working group participation issue

Pekka Savola pekkas at
Sun Feb 23 08:39:52 CET 2003

On Sat, 22 Feb 2003, Andy Bierman wrote:
> but only the chair(s), author(s) and design
> team members (if any) actually make any real commitment to get any work
> done by a specific deadline.  

It seems to me that this is false, more often than not. :-(

Perhaps I'm expecting w.g. chairs to be more active, push the w.g. 
(especially editors, authors etc.) to do stuff, and perhaps I'm expecting 
the authors to be more active in pushing and revising the documents 
they're authoring.

It seems to me that very often I see documents getting "stuck" for no
apparent reason: either forgotten, or just refreshed without including the
commentary between 6-12 month intervals.

So, it seems like the authors do not always have a commitment to push 
their work forward.

As an author of multiple drafts myself, I can understand this.  It's often
the case that the working group fails to give enough support and interest
in the draft: so you begin to think "nobody cares about this, so why
should I waste my effort on it?".  That's what w.g. stuckees could *maybe*
help with too.

This seems a real problem for fast progress to me.  Some more
self-motivated w.g.'s might not have it as badly as I've noted (the ones
where authors/chairs have a lot of vested _personal_ interest in getting
things done).

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