Ralph Droms rdroms at
Wed Feb 19 12:38:50 CET 2003

Following up on Ran's closing sentence - in fact, when I (wearing
my WG chair hat) suggested we take DHCP from DS to FS, the WG was
actively encouraged by the AD to spend its cycles elsewhere on
more pressing problems.  I came away with the strong message that
FS was not a particularly important goal...

- Ralph

At 12:33 PM 2/19/2003 -0500, RJ Atkinson wrote:
>My experience with OTP is that it was terribly difficult to move
>from PS to DS and worse from DS to FS -- even though we'd documented
>interoperability testing around the time of PS and the documentation
>was online at when time came to advance to DS and FS.
>If that experience was in any way typical, I can't fault a WG for
>not spending lots of energy advancing stuff beyond PS.
>rja at

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