Document editors and the editing team

Melinda Shore mshore at
Fri Feb 7 12:17:18 CET 2003

As mentioned in the charter, there are two documents that are
chartered in this group.  The charter also discusses the formation
of an editing team.

We have now  found editors for the two ietf-problem documents

- Elwyn Davies for the Problems document
- Margaret Wasserman for the Process document

We have also formed an editing team to assist them in
producing those documents.  In forming the editing team we tried to
cover as many varieties of experience as possible including:
- geographic perspectives
- IAB and IESG experience
- WG chair experience
- Contributor but non insider experience
- Non Contributor but knowledgeable about IETF process
- IETF veteran

We have been lucky to have the following individuals agree to serve
on this team with the 2 document editors and the co-chairs:

- Rob Austein
- Marc Blanchet
- Dave Crocker
- Spencer Dawkins
- Jeannette Hoffman

Avri and Melinda

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