Site-local debate (Re: objectivity vs. leadership)

Aaron Falk falk at
Fri Apr 25 14:51:17 CEST 2003

Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:
> My take is a kind of 3.1 - They have found that the community has made up 
> its mind to deprecate site-local, that this is the right decision, and that 
> it's now all over but the shouting. They further think that the job of 
> convincing the last few remaining site-local advocates to give up is better 
> left to the community than to the IETF leadership..... that repeating their 
> already clear positions on the technical issue is rather useless.


I'm not on the wg mailing list and don't have the perspective of the
debate there.  I was responding just to the current scrum on the IETF
list.  Other people may share my perspective ("Where's the I* in this
discussion?")  and if a the statements have been made on another list,
it would be helpful to see, say, an AD post a pointer to a message
containing their POV.  I see no need to make them repeat existing
arguments but neither do I have the time to read all the archives of
another wg's list trying to find them.

Additionally, I think that there are some interesting, deep
architectural issues raised in the current debate which may merit some
new IETF or IRTF work.  IMO, John Klensin summarized them well in  It
would be helpful to me to hear whether the I* thinks this is a
worthwhile issue to discuss on the IETF list, the ipng list, at the
plenary, or if it's already considered a non-starter.


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