Danger to the Net? (Re: My thoughts about the problems of theIETF)

Mark Allman mallman at grc.nasa.gov
Mon Apr 21 13:42:43 CEST 2003

> Sounds like a call for an ombudsman.


(Aaron and I have discussed this before.)

It seems like folk:

(a) Have issues with certain ADs sometimes that cannot seem to be
    worked out directly.

(b) Don't want to publically flame ADs because they understand that
    this is not productive behavior.

So, these sorts of things fester and folk on both sides become "dug

So, what about someone who is not on the IESG, but whom is
recognized by the IESG, who folk can go to for help in working
through some of these things in a neutral way?  This might be useful
in breaking the logjam or stopping the festering.


Mark Allman -- BBN/NASA GRC -- http://roland.grc.nasa.gov/~mallman/

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