Change to Registration of media type vnd.solent.sdkm+xml

J. Clifford Gauntlett cliff at
Tue Oct 27 18:08:45 CET 2009

Name : Cliff Gauntlett


Email : cliff&


MIME media type name : Application


MIME subtype name : Vendor Tree - vnd.solent.sdkm+xml


Required parameters : None.


Optional parameters : None.


Encoding considerations : 8bit

This media type may require encoding on transports not capable of 

handling 8 bit text. Charset UTF-8 is the only supported character

set for this MIME type.


Security considerations : 

The document contains an XML description of a variable size sudoku 

puzzle. The format for the document is a standard xml document which 

is described in the namespace


Security precautions regarding xml documents should be used although 

the document contains no executable code.


Interoperability considerations : 

This file format is intended to be used by an application call 

SudokuMagic which is available on a variety of platforms. This 

program currently uses Unicode character representation. Other 

programs from different vendors may also use this format and 

interoperability issues should be discussed in the appropriate documentation

for those programs.


Published specification : 

Schema definitions are available at 

"". The current version 

of the definition is and maybe updated from time to time.


Applications which use this media : 

SudokuMagicWFE, SudokuMagicPPC, SudokuMagicMAC, SudokuMagicMOB, 

SudokuMagicSRV, SudokuMagicWS. These are the currently known 

applications which use the format.


Additional information :


1. Magic number(s) : None.

2. File extension(s) : sdkm sdkd sdkg

3. Macintosh file type code : SDKM

4. Object Identifiers: None.




Person to contact for further information :


1. Name : Cliff Gauntlett

2. Email : cliff&


Intended usage : Common


Author:  Cliff Gauntlett


Change controller : Cliff Gauntlett


Web URL has been updated as well as current version numbers.


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