Registration of Media types proposed by LC

Ray Denenberg, Library of Congress rden at
Thu Mar 5 23:01:09 CET 2009

The following media types are proposed for registration on the standards tree: 
These are proposed by the Library of Congress on behalf of several constituencies including the library/bibliographic and metadata communities.
These all correspond to standards maintained at the Library of Congress.  

Please see the document  at:    for background and for the filled-out template as required by RFC 4288.

According to RFC 4288, "Registration of a new media type or types starts with the construction of a registration proposal."  

This correspondence together with the above referenced document is intended to serve as construction of the proposal.  
RFC 4288 further states: "Proposals for media types registered in the standards tree by the IETF itself MUST be published as RFCs.  Standards tree registrations for media types defined in documents produced by other standards bodies MUST be  described by a formal standards specification produced by that body." 

 Formal specifications are cited in the referenced document for each media type.  So may I infer that an RFC is not necessary?
Further ....  "Proposed registrations in the standards tree by other standards  bodies should be communicated to the IESG (at iesg at and to the ietf-types list (at ietf-types at ..  Notice of a potential media type registration in the standards tree MUST be sent to the "ietf-types at" mailing list for review."
Thus I an sending this correspondence to iesg at  and ietf-types at
Further.... "Provided that the media type meets all of the relevant requirements and has obtained whatever approval is necessary, the author may submit the registration request to the IANA...  IESG approval in effect submits the registration to the IANA. There is no need for an additional registration request."
Based on this I am not sure what further steps if any I need to take, so I await guidance.  (I have not previously registered a media type.)

Thank you.

Ray Denenberg, Library of Congress
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