Request for review of Turtle (an RDF serialization) media type: text/turtle

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at
Tue Dec 18 15:24:47 CET 2007

Eric Prud'hommeaux wrote:
> W3C is about to publish a Team Submission for the RDF serialization
> Turtle. A mockup of the document to be published is at
> Because the document will include the text of the media type
> registration, I am vetting this registration with ietf-types before
> publishing the document. Some discussion about the claim to force
> utf-8 encoding (and not require that in a charset parameter) can be
> seen at
> (Subject: Media types for RDF languages N3 and Turtle)
> I got moderator-actioned for having too many folks in the Cc so
> I'm Bcc'ing them all in this request for review:
> ...

1) If text/* proves to be problematic, why not use application/*?

2) Also, keep in mind that while RFC2046 may be interpreted not to 
mandate the ASCII default for text types other than text/plain, there's 
also RFC2616 saying...:

    The "charset" parameter is used with some media types to define the
    character set (section 3.4) of the data. When no explicit charset
    parameter is provided by the sender, media subtypes of the "text"
    type are defined to have a default charset value of "ISO-8859-1" when
    received via HTTP. Data in character sets other than "ISO-8859-1" or
    its subsets MUST be labeled with an appropriate charset value. See
    section 3.4.1 for compatibility problems. -- 

See also the related HTTPbis issue: 

BR, Julian

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