Registration of media type application/cea-2018+xml

Gottfried Zimmermann zimmermann at
Mon Dec 10 11:27:46 CET 2007

Type name: application

Subtype name: cea-2018+xml

Required parameters: none

Optional parameters: none

   Note that (in contrast to application/xml) no charset parameter is
defined since CEA-2018 specifies UTF-8 as the required file format.

Encoding considerations: Same as encoding considerations of application/xml
as specified in RFC 3023.

Security considerations: All of the security considerations described in RFC

Interoperability considerations: Same as interoperability considerations of
text/xml as specified in RFC 3023.

Published specification: CEA-2018

Applications that use this media type: Task-based applications, i.e.
programs that interpret task model descriptions according to the semantics
defined in CEA-2018.

Additional information:

  Magic number(s): Same as magic number(s) of text/xml as specified in RFC
  File extension(s): .xml
  Macintosh file type code(s): "TEXT"

Person & email address to contact for further information: 
   Gottfried Zimmermann <gzimmermann at>

Intended usage: COMMON

Restrictions on usage: none

Author: CEA-2018 is a standard by the Consumer Electronics Association
(CEA), and was edited by:
   Gottfried Zimmermann <gzimmermann at>

Change controller: CEA R7 and its working group 12 have change control over

 Dr. Gottfried Zimmermann
 ICT Accessibility Architect
 Access Technologies Group, Germany
 Phone +49 7121 790806

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