Transport Area requests Media Type review for audio/rtp-midi and audio/asc

Allison Mankin mankin at
Mon Jan 9 00:22:37 CET 2006

The Transport Area requests a Media Type review for the proposed new types
audio/rtp-midi and audio/asc, intended for the IETF tree, specified in

The audio/rtp-midi registration is specified in Appendix H.1

The audio/asc registration is specified in Appendix H.3, and
additional information about it is found in Appendix C.6.5.
In particular, this shows that the AudioSpecificConfig
data object is a binary file format with midi audio field 
contents provided to the renderer as initial input.  This is 
why this particular registration uses the audio top-level.

Please provide any comments by January 23, 2006.



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