Request for media type review of video/h263-1998 and video/h263-2000

Magnus Westerlund magnus.westerlund at
Wed Nov 30 10:05:04 CET 2005


Martin for the review. Sorry about the version mix up. For a diff 
between the version 6 and 7:

Please see comments inline.

Martin Duerst wrote:
> Both types say:
>   Encoding considerations:
>       This type is only defined for transfer via RTP [RFC3550]
> 'Encoding considerations' should mention how characters are encoded.
> If these types don't contain character data, just say so. If they
> do, say how that character data is encoded, or point to where this
> is described.

In the correct version -07 this is now changed to:

    Encoding considerations:

       This media type is framed and binary, see section 4.8 in[I-

> Also, it says:
>    Security considerations: See Section 10
> This should be changed to "Section 10 of RFC????", to make the
> registration template self-contained at least in form. Ideally,
> that stuff would be in the template, at least in a shortened form,
> because people often do not follow references.

Okay, we can fix this. I haven't been that hard on this due to how the 
registry is currently structured. If one goes to IANA the reference 
points to the whole RFC. Thus one get both the template and the complete 
document in which it is included. But I will ask the author to fix this 
when the WGLC is over.

> Also, in the first type, the parameter section is really long.
> It may be better to take out some of that material and put it
> in the actual spec, because it looks more like spec stuff than
> like registration stuff.

As the media type template is part of the actual specification, we 
define the parameters fully within the template. I don't see any gain by 
moving them outside of the template, simply more hassle for the authors.


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